Diversity in Tech

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC), a government-supported, industry-led membership group which aims to drive diversity in tech has recently published its annual Diversity in Tech report. If you haven’t had chance to read the report yet, here are their top 10 findings and a link to the full report.

Our tech sector is one of the strongest in the world, and is vital for driving growth and jobs across the entire country. But it is no secret that the industry faces a diversity crisis. Despite the advancements made in recent years, the fact remains that UK tech is still not representative of the UK as a whole.

Paul Scully MP, Minister for London and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology

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Here are the top 10 key findings from the report:

1.   28% of tech workers are gender minorities, slightly higher than past years (+1-2%).

2.   Only 35% of companies are measuring non-binary gender diversity.

3.   25% of tech workers belong to ethnic minority groups, compared to 20% reported last year.

4.   Average disclosure rates for ethnic identity are at 76-86%.

5.   22% of senior tech roles are held by gender minorities – 6% lower than tech roles overall.

6.   Ethnic diversity almost halves in senior roles from 25% to 13%.

7.   D&I measurement and practice on social mobility lags far behind other areas including age, religion and orientation.

8.   Flexible work options are widely available for tech employees and nearly half (47%) have the option to remote work as much as they like, from wherever they like.

9.   Neurodiversity emerged as a distinct area of interest; the number of organisations measuring it doubled to 53%, compared to last year.

10.   Mental health and wellbeing and reproductive health issues such as menopause and fertility are areas of focus for many organisations, especially in relation to gender, age and LGBTQ+ inclusion.

To read the full report follow the link: https://report.techtalentcharter.co.uk/diversity-in-tech

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